5 outings that change for an original child’s birthday

Are you thinking about organizing your beloved birthday snack and looking for a changing idea? Here are 10, for all ages and all tastes!

It seems a long time snacking around a cake and a few candles. The offer of activities dedicated to birthdays has indeed multiplied, to offer kids a day like no other. Of course, you can organize an afternoon of games and activities at home, at a lower cost (you can also find all our tips to organize the activities of a child’s party at home).

But if this year, you want to change the ordinary, you will be spoiled for choice, between outdoor activities, workshops of all kinds or indoor recreation. We have found some ideas for you to please your loulou on this special day for him and for you! From the cooking class, to the paintball session, to an afternoon to be told beautiful stories or to learn to be a mermaid, it’s up to you to find the activity that will please you in our selection!

1. An escape game at home
The escape game trend is well anchored and, the good news is that it is now possible to organize one at home! A perfect activity for a child’s birthday. Young and old will love solving puzzles in teams. Escape Kit is a French company that offers downloadable kits at home, for children from 6 years (on the theme of Harry Potter). There are also for the oldest, from 8 to 14 years, on the theme of pirates, or even ancient Egypt. How it works ? The kit contains everything you need to organize an escape game at home: clues, installation plan, accessories, It’s up to you to set them up, (it takes about 10 minutes) ‘left ! From 20 euros

2. karaoke
Karaoke is a great classic and will always entertain the gallery! You can ask each child which song they want to play, either to prepare a playlist with titles that children like, such as Disney animated cartoons (including the inevitable “Liberated, delivered” of The Frozen), but also Vegedream’s “Take Home Cup”, “On the Walls” of Kids United, “Long” by Amir, or “Day 1” by Louane. You can also prepare small accessories (crowns, fun sunglasses, etc.) that they can put on when going on stage. And, upstream, propose a micro customization workshop, manufacturing them in thick paper, with gums, sequins So that the singers in herbs feel like real stars!

4. The game of the statue
Do you know the game of the statue? A version of Jacques said (not to move) revisited, music for more fun! The principle: start a very engaging piece that kids adore and know by heart, and have them sing and dance. By the time you stop the music, the first one moving (or still singing) is eliminated. Laughs assured.

5. Angling
For birthdays, funfairs or school parties … Kids love fishing! To do with the means of the edge, provide you with a basin filled with water or a basket, place there some fish of colors or plastic figurines which you surround with a big thread, by making a knot in order to reveal a loop. Magic wand, stick or little broomstick can be used as a fishing rod to catch floating animals. You can also stick magnetic adhesive pads (available at Cultura) for more ease for children. If you are good at manual activities, make pretty fabric fish. Conversely, for pressed moms, there are complete kits, for example, at Oxybul. A key, small gifts that you prepare upstream, with numbers corresponding to fish.

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